2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games

July 28, 2016
2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games

Earlier this year, Southern Plain's Co-op was named the major food and fuel sponsor the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games being held in Estevan, Sk.

As well as being the major sponsor Southern Plains Co-op Estevan Food Store also became responsible for cooking and preparing all the food for the players and guests.

  • The Meat Department has been busy all week BBQing thousands of chicken breasts, pork chops, drumsticks and much more. We even have volunteers from around Estevan come in and help with the BBQing, which was much appreciate.
  • The Bakery/Deli Departments have been busy helping with the cooking of the meats, baking thousands of buns, bread, muffins, cookies, meat and cheese trays and salads. As well as with the help of the Administration staff preparing hundreds of sandwiches.
  • The Produce Department has been busy cutting thousands of veggies and preparing the salad bar for the athletes
  • The Grocery Department has been busy unloading freight, making deliveries, and supplying food as well.

On top of all that the store employees are doing to get the food out, Southern Plains Co-op also supplies the Games with groups of volunteers to go over and help with whatever is needed.